Titan Stem


High Polish
  • Product Description

      The F5 Titan Stem is an evolution in traditional quill stem design. We’ve always wanted a stem that could accommodate 31.8mm handlebars without having to use an adapter and still look classic enough that it would compliment any 1″ threaded headset bike.

      It’s incredibly light and will finally allow you to choose from the wide world of handlebar possibilities. Made from 7075 aluminium, the removable faceplate is held in place with two stainless steel screws and subtly finished with our Circle F5 logo laser-etched in the center. 150mm total height, 100mm above the minimum insertion lattice enrgraved pattern and a 90mm extension.

      We’ve high polished the stem and it is deep anodized in silver and black to give the traditional quill stem look. It delivers performance and style, which for a component with so much attention, delivers exactly the right level of satisfaction.

      Titan Stem Specifications

      Color: Polished / Anodized Black

      Stem Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm

      Extension: 90mm

      Weight: ~270grams

      Material: 7075 Alumiunum

      Quill Insertion Diameter: 22.2mm

      Rise: 72 degrees

      Faceplate bolt torque: 5.1Nm

      Fatigue Tested: able to withstand 100,000N (±200N) of force