Nightshade Jersey

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Product Details

The F5 Nightshade Jersey is our evolution of elite race performance riding wear. We went back to the drawing board and designed a unique cut with premium considered details, worthy of any serious cyclist.

It is made from high-wicking Aerolite fabric and features extra-breathable mesh side panels. It fits tight but with enough space to feel super comfortable.

Each seam is reinforced and the sleeve cuffs are made from anti-slipping 300gsm Italian spandex. The collar is made with heavier weighted corners, which makes it fall naturally when slightly unzipped.

Around the back is our signature arrangement: Three pouches, central zippered pocket and our timeless F5 Circle logo in UV reflective silicone for enhanced visibility from all angles.

The F5 Nightshade Jersey looks slick. It fades from black to light cool grey with a sweet geometric undertone of monster purple. Branding is understated and minimal, insuring it looks good on everyone.

It fits small because this is a race cut item. Go one size up if you prefer a slightly looser fit.

Nightshade Jersey Specifications

Elite Race Fit

Extra-breathable Mesh Side Panels

Anti-slide 300gsm Spandex Cuffs

High-wicking Aerolite Fabric

Three spacious pockets

Zippered Valuables Pouch