Nightshade Bib Shorts

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Product Details

The F5 Nightshade Bibs are premium race quality. Comfort and breathability are paramount. The leg cuffs are made from 300gsm Italian Spandex to reduce sliding, the seams are hard-stitched to reduce snagging and the vest is a loose hexagon mesh to keep your body cool when under layers.

We nailed the pad. It’s plush and forgiving but most importantly not over the top. We nailed the fabric too. With a buoyant 15% elasticated blend where not just one fabric is dyed black but both are so when it stretches you don’t see grey areas – like on many darker bibs.

We nailed the vest too. It’s black. We’ve never seen a body that can keep white braces white – unless it’s not riding hard enough.

We’ve thought about it all. The F5 Nightshade Bibs are understated and completely stealth black because we’re pretty metal. They feature the minimal Factory Five branding in UV silicone, ensuring they look good on everyone.

Nightshade Bib Shorts Specifications

Full-length Bib

Contoured Memory Pad

15% Elastic Buoyant Weave

Stealth Black Vest

Anti-slide 300gsm Spandex Cuffs