Factory Five started in 2010 when the necessity grew to have a hub for organizing our beer drinking and bike riding activities. Luckily everyone was tired of working out of our homes and coffee shops, so we jumped on the opportunity to move into a space. Tools were shared and cold beer was the usual currency.

We started by rebuilding the Chinese classic bikes we’ve been so accustomed to seeing around Shanghai. If you’ve ever ridden the original, you know that it needs quite a bit of work to be a functioning bike. These guys are not for export, rod brakes and cottered cranks, things were always falling apart. We built them for ourselves and eventually popularity grew and we soon found ourselves making them for other people. A website was made, we decided on a name and we started to set up shop.

One loud party too many and we were soon out of the first residential space. We knew we were beyond capacity in the original space anyway because we couldn’t keep up with the demand. With every change of space, we seized the opportunity to improve, expand and recreate. We wanted to be in the ultimate bike space for Shanghai, a unique retail experience center around community. We wouldn’t be in the same position without the community that grew around and with us.

We were in the right place at the right time, so we left our day jobs and focused entirely on Factory Five. The early days were kickstarted by a few corporate gigs. Before we knew it, we had opened Shanghai’s first fixed gear boutique. Our weekly night ride had grown from a group of five riders to one of the world’s largest and our annual alleycat became the largest attended in the world.

We’ve further developed our product line and we now are proud to offer aluminium and steel frames/completes, components and apparel. In late 2016 we stepped back from our 'top ten in the world' brick and mortar, but we are more accessible than over. We distribute and retail internationally and we love to see our products in so many places

Want to collaborate? Work for us? Help with a order? Drop us a line, if even just to say hello.