Bringing ideas to life is something we’ve gotten really good at, and not just our own ideas! With over ten years of experience working in China, we have accumulated many contacts and insights. Sourcing within China and Taiwan is our main area of expertise and we are here to bring your products to market.

We’ve had the pleasure of manufacturing products for a wealth of amazing clients and brands. Everything from cycling products, to apparel and clothing, to handheld accessories and gadgets. We’ve really got experience doing a big range of manufacturing. To ease the process, which can sometimes be convoluted, we’re here to help guide and facilitate an effective and efficient pathway to fulfilling our client’s needs.

A lot of the work we’ve done is with CNC and forged aluminum, but we also work with steel and carbon. We’re in a unique position that we can keep our minimum order quantities relatively low and still keep prices affordable. We can aid in the manufacturing, assembly, packaging and shipping of the product, so that it lands at your door hassle free. Need samples? No problem! We can also obtain samples and liaison between yourself and the manufacturer.

If you’re interested in manufacturing with us or just have a bunch of questions, then please send us an e-mail: