• Factory Five Seconds

    Posted on December 07 2011

    We’ve got a bunch of pre-loved components available in the workshop. Here’s a list. Drop us an email at if you’re interested or swing by to take a look....

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  • Custom Wallpaper

    Posted on December 06 2011

    Custom things are cool, especially wallpaper. Alex Mok was nice enough to draw this design for us, and our good friends at Curious Wallace were even nicer to have it...

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  • The New Shop Gets Painted

    Posted on December 02 2011

    Last week our friends Dezio and crew came over to tag part of the new shop. Laura was there too and made an awesome timelapse of the afternoon. Thanks guys,...

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  • Bi-icicle Challenge

    Posted on November 30 2011

    Our good friends have pledged to ride all Winter and have challenged you to do the same! Check out the details below: “We are Lane Change and starting December 1...

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  • 48×15 Magazine Volume 002 – Group Night Ride

    Posted on November 29 2011

    Join us tomorrow for a night ride and a couple of beers in celebration of the new issue of 48×15, and our new space! Yes, we moved . . kind...

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  • Factory Five Prize Giveaway at 100k challenge fundraiser

    Posted on November 11 2011

    Next weekend, F5s very own Drew is taking part in the Oxfam Trailwalker – a 100k race across the Hong Kong mountains. It takes a day or so, hiking non-stop...

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  • Re-Launch Re-Cap

    Posted on September 22 2011

    We actually did it! Our re-launch party went off without a hook and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Over the course of the night there were about 150 people that...

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  • TV, Couches and Party Updates!

    Posted on September 19 2011

    With our launch party coming up on Tuesday night we decided to get our asses in gear and bring in a few couches, chairs, and a new TV. Now you’ve...

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  • Our Re-Launch Party!

    Posted on September 16 2011

    After a few weeks of hard work we’re finally ready to have everyone over for a re-launch party. That means full-on hangouts, celebratory drinks and all things bikes. We’ve got...

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  • Brooks Leather Bar Tape

    Posted on September 15 2011

    We got a few boxes of the latest Brooks leather bar tape into the office today. With the leftover scraps we had after wrapping a few sets of bars, why...

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  • New Digs 2.0

    Posted on September 10 2011

    Slowly things are taking form around here. We’re busy handling another batch of Lee Jeans bicycles, as well as rolling out some more custom re-builds for those of you that...

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  • Factory Five x MILK Magazine

    Posted on September 08 2011

    After our work with Lee Jeans we met up with MILK Magazine to talk bikes, riding culture, and the beautiful re-builds. Pick up a copy of MILK Magazine and dive...

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  • Lee Jeans X Factory Five

    Posted on September 08 2011

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  • Factory Five and Lee Jeans

    Posted on September 02 2011

    A couple months back, Factory Five was approached to help Lee with their latest campaign “the city is mine”. They’d designed a collection of jeans with the urban rider in...

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  • New Digs for Factory Five

    Posted on September 02 2011

    We must admit – it’s been a while. As the summer has been kicking in – we’ve been transitioning into a bigger (better, faster, stronger) workshop over on Jiangsu lu....

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  • Mustachio Beer Bashio

    Posted on August 25 2011

    It’s about that time again for another Beer Bash! check out the details at People’s Bike! but in short… its on August 28th @ 1pm, Xingguo Rd and Hunan Rd...

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  • Drop The Cog

    Posted on July 05 2011

    Hey ! Hey ! We’re helping run a really cool event in Shanghai this Sunday, July 10th. It’s bike themed, and will be tons of fun. For all the information...

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  • We’re Moving!

    Posted on June 01 2011

    It’s been pretty busy for us here at Factory Five these last few weeks, and to finish it all off we’ve decided to pick up and move. In the short...

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  • Thanks For Coming Out!

    Posted on May 07 2011

    Last night we had our launch party and it was a blast. Over 100 people stepped through our front gate to check out Shanghai’s first community bike space and enjoy...

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  • We’re Having A Party

    Posted on April 29 2011

    So you found us . . Yep, we do exist . . And guess what ? We’re going to finally open the doors and let everyone in ! Come hang...

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  • Let’s Roll

    Posted on April 09 2011

    One of the most important parts of any build are the hubs. They’re what take the load, hold your wheels together, and make everything spin. After years of hauling ass...

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  • Saddling up

    Posted on March 28 2011

    Unless you’re riding a monkey bike there’s only one component that you’re going to notice after a long ride. We know that from Brooks to Kashimax at the end of...

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  • Golden Rims

    Posted on March 27 2011

    We’ve ordered a bunch of different colors for the first run of Classic Conversions but we’re particularly excited about this configuration. The dated matte gold rims on black hubs &...

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  • The Forever Frame

    Posted on March 26 2011

    Forever bikes are by no stretch of imagination an absolute classic. Supplied to the police, post office, foreign visitors and to a few hundred million Chinese they carry a heritage...

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  • Crossing the threshold

    Posted on March 22 2011

    Right in the middle of Shanghai, down a lane off Donghu Lu, through a gate and across a garden we found what we were looking for. With a fresh coat...

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  • Rolling out

    Posted on March 17 2011

    The machines have started rolling here at Factory Five and the laborers are ready to concentrate their resources on creating some exceptionally unique builds. We’re going to be pushing Shanghai...

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  • The Inception of Factory Five

    Posted on March 15 2011

    In the wake of the most recent Alleycat, we spent many hours (outside our temporary office, the E-Store) working out the best way to build something for Shanghai’s existing, new...

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