Welcome to Factory Five Jing-An

Posted on December 16 2014

We moved recently, you might have heard. It started with needing just a little more space and ended with our new HQ in Jing’an. It’s bigger, better (we think so) and just makes a lot more sense. The Jiangsu Lu workshop was awesome – but here is even more awesomer.

We’re also part of a like minded community too, there’s our new friends at Aboro Boxing Academy upstairs, Reebok Cross Fit Gym next door and Becycle Spinning Studio opposite. We fit right in… and we have beer!

So, if you haven’t already. Come pay us a visit at 667 Changhua Lu. We’ll be waiting. Expect more of the same, only bigger and better. Events, parties, rides, custom bikes, rare items and the world of fixed gear. Let the good times roll!

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