We Ride Tonight – December 3rd

Posted on December 03 2013

Want to join the most famous weekly bicycle ride in China? Saddle up and come over to Factory Five tonight.

We’ll take you through a shanghai you’ve not seen before. From the middle of a 100+ bike pack you’ll take a route that loops this city like it’s our local village.

All you need is a bike, helmet, lights and some pocket change for a drink at the stop. You’ll be needing a drink because although the pace is leisurely, sometimes we hit a straight and some people gun it. You don’t have to gun it… but you probably will.

Regardless of how or what you ride, you must do it safely. We are a big group and to avoid mishap think safety first or face a telling-off from us – or worse. And for pity’s sake, wear a helmet.

See you at 876 Jiangsu Lu for a 21h00 start. The workshop closes at 20h30.

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