Wanna ride? We do. We will.

Posted on July 10 2012

We didn’t come here to drive or be driven. We didn’t come here to stand in underground vestibules, or mechanical stair cases. We didn’t come here to be stuck in a jam waiting for the lights. We came to roll.

We’ve rolled so much and so far. This city is ours. Tonight we roll the obvious, we’re hitting autopilot on a cruise loop – straight through the heart of Shanghai. To a brisk beat, we will smack along the main ateries – flowing under the roads that make this city work. We will be the sub-elevated.

All rides are welcome, as long as propelling them forwards makes you sweat.

Join us. Roll with us. Find the new Shanghai. Tonight.

We gather at Factory Five (876 Jiangsu Lu, nr Huashan) between 20h30 and 21h00. Bring your bike and a helmet and your lights. We’ll bring the route and all of Shanghai before you. For a couple of hours. Tonight’s ride will be a loop through the middle of town. If you attept a crafty shortcut, we’ll finish back at Factory Five for a cold bevvie.

We’ll ride unless it’s plinky-plonking it down. Keep your eye on our facebook page or twitter feed for the latest update.

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