Twin Horizon Cycling Flannels

Posted on May 03 2013

At Factory Five we love flannels. Especially those that are well considered for cyclists – the right cut, fit and feel. We just stocked up on the new Twin Horizon cycling flannel which is available exclusively in our shop (and soon online).

They are fantastic. Designer Ivan Belcic had these locally hand sewn and stitched for reliable performance, and even after multiple machine washes they still stand strong. The flannels are slim-fit and well cut with special consideration for cyclists: a shortened front to reduce bunching when you’re riding your bike and a lengthened back that ‘covers your crack’.

The flannels also feature a rear button up pocket which is super handy for keeping your phone or other small items. Admittedly we were sceptical about the shoulder vents, but they actually work and help keep you cool while you ride. Nice one, guys.

They are available in 5 different flannel patterns and a range of sizes, so if they interest you swing through the shop and try a couple on. They’re cheap and great all year round, only 350RMB per shirt. Get on it!

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