Tonight we Roll – 10th December

Posted on December 10 2013

We know Shanghai like the back of our hand. Join us tonight for a spin through our town.

We’ll show you the way we roll; in a great big pack, consuming the lanes like a rolling phalanx. There’ll be fixies, roadies, bmxers, hybrids, sunday shoppers and everything in between.

If you’ve got a bike and an adventuring spirit. Join us at 876 Jiangsu Lu for a 9pm departure. We’ll ride for an hour or so, stop for a drink and then ride some more… you’ll be home around 11h00-30, or drinking with us in a bar somewhere!

We have two requirements. Be safe and wear a helmet.

Also wear a mask if the PM count is high. These days the city is in a haze bubble.

So, see you before 21h00. If you need to do something to your bike, we close the workshop at 20h30.

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