Tonight we ride. May 27th

Posted on May 27 2014

Factory Five Night Ride

We are the bats in the cave. The gibbons in the tree. The leopards in the bush. The hippos in the water. The owl in the barn. The snake in the reeds. The fox in the coup. The ram in the rocks. The cat on the covers. The hounds on the scent. The shark on the shoal. The bear on the log. The mantis on the leaf. The guys on the bikes who ride every tuesday night across Shanghai. Join us? We depart tonight at 9pm from the workshop at 876 Jiangsu Lu. All you need to do is bring your bike, your lights and your helmet and some change for a drink at the end. Oh and you need to read the rules of the ride. They’re super important to make sure we let the good times roll. We close the workshop at 20h30. No services or tools or pumps or nothing will be available after that. You know why? Because our tools and pumps grow legs and walk off after 20h30 and they don’t come back. It’s weird because nobody, not a single person, of the 300 riders who come ever see them leave.

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