Tonight We Ride, June 3rd

Posted on June 03 2014

Factory Five Night Ride

We are on a roll. A massive, few-hundred-person roll. Tonight we’re heading out of Factory Five for the next chapter in our rolling story – the Shanghai night ride. If you’ve a bike and a sense of adventure then it’s unmissable. You’ll need some road sense too, we are many and that adds to the excitement as we own the streets like a biker horde. Each time we ride a different route, cruising a different perspective of this vast city. It’s freaking huge, which is why we barely do the same route twice. We do have our favorite paths though, strings of time and space that put a smile on our faces every time. A bridge here, a tunnel there. Tonight we’ll be hitting one or two of them.

Factory Five Night Ride Tunnel

So. You’ll need a helmet and lights and your bike. And some loose change. We’ll stop at a convenience store for drinks just over halfway round. Then we’ll be back to town before bedtime – or 11h30ish. Coming? We leave the workshop (876 Jiangsu Lu) at 9:00pm. The workshop closes for service at 8:30pm so if you need some work on your bike, air in your tyres or anything – come before.

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