Tonight We Ride. June 10th

Posted on June 10 2014

Night Ride Grafitti

Polish up your bikes and be ready for the superlative Shanghai night ride. Tonight we’re heading out in celebration of this freaking awesome city. Just like every week, for a couple hours or so the streets are ours. We own this place. The right tool for the right job.

Just like every week, we leave the workshop (876 Jiangsu Lu) at 21h00. If you want to be a part of the world’s biggest night ride just bring your bike, your helmet, your lights and yourself… and then keep up as we weave our way through the best-est city in China.

We do have rules. For everybody’s safety and all our good times we just ask you to read and stick to them. Most importantly; wear a helmet, ride smart and don’t cut anybody up. A few hundred people on the road is a formidable force.

Coming? Brilliant! See you here before 21h00 and we’ll hit the road.


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