Tonight We Ride – July 22nd

Posted on July 22 2014

Factory Five Shanghai Night Ride

Tonight we’re going on a thermo-blast through Shanghai. Join us and our gang for a ride like no other. Never been on a Factory Five Night Ride before? Well just imagine an awesome night ride through an awesome city… then bigger it.

You just need a bike, helmet, lights and a good head for street smarts. We ride for an hour or so, stop for a drink or two and then ride a bit more. By midnight you’ll either be tucked up in bed or having a beer with us around the corner from Factory Five.

Our Factory Five workshop is where the night ride starts. It’s at 876 Jiangsu Lu near Huashan. Check our FAQ for instructions on how to find us… or just hit that junction and follow the bikers.

We leave at 9pm. If you need work doing on your bike, some air in your tyres, oil on your chain, then come early. We close the workshop at 8:30pm. One other thing. The ride is big and takes a lot of organizing. To keep everybody facing in the right direction and the right side up we have a set of rules. Everybody who attends the ride is expected to read, understand and follow the Rules of the Ride. Thankyou for your consideration and harmonious understanding.

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