Together we ride. 9pm we start. Tonight.

Posted on June 12 2012

We are the night-slicers. The face changers. Valar morghulis. We will lift Shanghai’s haze of love and soak in the dark rays. Tonight we roll the unknown loop. We’ll slip the passageways, the shortcuts, the unknown roads – right under the nose of the city – old and new. Whatever you ride, ride it with us. We welcome all types as long as you’ve one or more wheels and zero or less engines.

Join us. Roll with us. Find the new Shanghai. Tonight.

We gather at Factory Five (876 Jiangsu Lu, nr Huashan) between 20h30 and 21h00. Bring your bike and a helmet. We’ll bring the route and all of Shanghai before you. For an hour or two. Tonight’s will be a loop, returning to somewhere nearby the start for drinks.

We’ll ride unless it’s pouring.

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