The Sunday Ride

Posted on February 01 2015

On Sunday we rode so far we hit Jiangsu Province. Our route went north in an almost perfectly flat and mostly straight line. We blasted 40km up around Baoshan, hit the the mouth of the great Yangtze river… and then charged over a shiny and beautifully huge bridge with a grin and a grimace.

The pace was fast and relentless, enough to stay toasty at around 5c. We even dropped a few of our seasoned riders on the way back into town after a quick loop of Lake Mälaren. They did an extra 10km loop in pure defiance.

Where else in the world can you do an 85km round trip with only 100m of total elevation and barely leave the city? Shanghai is full of riding superlatives. Here’s a link to the route on Strava.

Want to join us on the next weekend ride? Each week is different though we ride to train at an intermediate to advanced level. Shoot us a to sign up for the next one.

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