The Right Build

Posted on June 19 2012

We’ve been busy here at Factory Five. Here’s a sneak peak at the next few builds coming off the production line.

Quite a few have departed the F5 workbench in the last couple months. Each of them has been different. Each of them personal. We take complete or partial input and create something unique, bespoke.

Sometimes people know exactly what they want. Sometimes no idea. We’re used to working anywhere on the scale. The optimum build is a mix of utility and style. Our design phase is a walk through what the bike will be used for, which elements are important and where you want to go. We’ve selected component groups that are complementary to make the process easier.

It may take a fitting or two and that’s fine. Or you have a clear vision in mind and we’ll make it happen. Or start with an example from our workshop, specify all the parts and see what comes out (a popular choice!).

Over the coming weeks we’ll be introducing component groups in more detail.

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