The ride is on.

Posted on June 25 2013

You may know us as Factory Five. You may know us as those guys who do the night ride every week. You may even know us from Shanghai TV as ‘the group of people who spontaneously show up at 876 Jiangsu Rd on Tuesday nights at 9pm and go for a ride’. Whatever. We don’t need them to say our name. We are the night riders. We slip through Shanghai one slice at a time until the cake is ours. It’s ours tonight. Join us, have your cake and eat it with us. Bring your cake-lights and your cake-helmet and be ready to ride in bursts from 9pm. We’ll be waiting. We’ll be asking you for no money. Just bring your street smarts and some pocket change for drinks at the stop. So, the ride is on. Unless it rains. Then the ride is off. Only god knows today because ain’t got no clue. Keep an eye on our Facebook page or twitter feed in case you can’t see out of the window.

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