The PACK at RHC Barcelona

Posted on September 16 2015

The Red Hook Crit series is slowly becoming a household name for any bike lover and is undeniably a ‘must attend’ in the field of international track bike riding. Two members of Factory Five sponsored team, The PACK – Bruno Labelle and Antoine Fabry, flew to Barcelona just last week for the third edition of the RHC.


In their qualifying round they did extremely well. Antoine and Bruno placed 5th and 8th out of their group of 45 riders. Overall for the day that placed them at 97th and 107th out of 297 competitors. The cutoff number for the final race is 85 – Antoine was 0.88 seconds from this spot, and Bruno was 1.42 seconds away. The field gets incredibly tight around this area, but what it meant is that they were eligible for the ‘Last Chance Race’. The top 10 from this race move on to compete with the best in the field at the finale.



Unfortunately their average speed of 35.48 Km/h was just not enough to place in the top 10 of the Last Chance Race. Antoine finished 23rd and Bruno finished 22nd out of 61 riders. They were respectively 8 seconds and 9 seconds out of the top 10 spots. Despite not being able to race in the finale, the experience was incredibly positive. Being able to compete with the best in the world and finishing better than average is what keeps these guys going.

The season isn’t over yet – The PACK will be racing in the finale of the Toonie Crit Series in Montreal next week where the plan on sweeping the podium. For such a young team they’ve done very well and will only get stronger in the future. Great job guys, keep riding hard!


– Antoine Fabry 00: 01: 40.88 – GROUP6 – 5th / 45 – General 97th / 297 (missed spot 85 by 0.88sec)

– Bruno Labelle 00: 01: 41.55 – GROUP6 – 8th / 45 – General 107th / 297 (missed spot 85 by 1.42sec)

Last Chance Race (Top 10 advance to the final)

– Bruno Labelle 26:23 – 35,48km / h – 22nd / 61 (8sec to 10th place)

– Antoine Fabry 26:24 – 35,47km / h – 23rd/ 61 (9sec to 10th place)

– Manuel Nunez Cano – 26:12 – 35,74km / h – 1st / 61 (best time of the Last Chance Race)



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