The Japanese Odyssey

Posted on August 05 2016

The Japanese Odyssey

Long distance unsupported cycling races are all the rage these days. With their growing popularity, like the Transcontinental Race, it’s getting tougher and tougher to be guaranteed a starting spot. That’s why it’s key to get in on a new race series from the beginning. Now’s your chance!

The Japanese Odyssey was started last year and is seeing it’s second edition starting September 17th, in Tokyo. This year it’s all about taking entrants up a series of steep and famous climbs in Japan, and getting them to course their way through mountainous areas.


This year riders will go through places of cultural significance, experiencing the magic of “rural” Japan. Everyone must finish within 14 days through mandatory mountain passes and check points till the finish line in Osaka. When, where and how long to stop off, that decision is entirely up to you.


If you’re looking for a challenge and really want to test yourself, drop the organizers an e-mail at – we’ve already registered and will see everyone at the starting line in Tokyo!

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