The beauty of the Tool-Roll

Posted on January 27 2015

When it comes to regular riding, there’s nothing more essential than having the right tools. That puncture repair kit, or multi-tool are useless at home. You’ll only really find that out the hard way – when you get a flat out in the middle of nowhere at dusk.

Everybody has their system. Maybe it’s a quick list of items tucked into the rear pockets, maybe it’s a couple of things clamped to the seat-post. Here at Factory Five we’re all about the tool roll. It’s like a little SOS kit of everything that can make all the difference during a riding hiccup.

The reason we like the tool roll so much is that it can be tossed in your bag or back pocket – forever. Keep it there, or in your back pocket on training rides, and don’t touch it until it’s time. We keep a separate set of tools for regular maintenance, this is just for those time when you need a tool and don’t need to worry when you used it last.

These are basically little bundles of life saving tech. We’ve put together three of our favourite bundles of objects which tuck nicely away in either the micro size YNOT saddle roll or the YNOT/Acre tool rolls. Couple that with a few pain killers, a sterilizing wipe and a 15mm spanner and you’re good to go.

Urban Essentials Roll
USD $59
Field Essentials Roll
USD $117
Acre Excursion Roll
USD $104

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