Summer Special. Chinese Classics ¥3,000.

Posted on July 16 2013

Summer Special: Chinese Classics now only Â¥3,000 complete. We take the heritage of China’s most successful mode of transport, strip it down to the best part and rebuild it with actually good fixed-gear components. Let’s face it, these bikes are freaking awesome, but in their original form they’re rickety old bags of pain. We remove everything right down to the bottom bracket. It takes us ages. Then we re-space, re-thread and re-grease the whole lot before building them back up with the same love that we give all our F5 builds. Build it your way from a range of colours and styles. The best part is that when we’re finished they’re just as compatible as any fixed-gear bike. We have deep and shallow rims in a wide selection of colours, choice of hubs and you can choose from most of our components. for Â¥3,000 you get a choice of rim style and colour, hub colour, saddle colour and types of bars. Then the core components come mostly in black or silver. If you want to upgrade to anything, just pay the difference. If you’re interested come over to the workshop or give us a shoutout. Whet your appetite by checking our some previous builds in our portfolio. Scroll down for the classics.

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