Site Upgrade: Save your Build

Posted on September 09 2014

Loads of people are using our Custom Bike builders to specify their own builds and that’s super awesome. From one page you can run down a whole list of each part of the bike and price it all out. There’s also an estimate for the bike’s total weight on there – which will please all the weight weenies out there.

Now we’ve added a button at the bottom which will generate a unique link for your build. It works for partial builds too, so you can save where you got to, share it with a friend or just shoot us a note with what you’re thinking.

Go on, give it a try. Here’s the specification for our complete Signature F5Pista in Silver Element: http://bit.ly/1BosSDY

Stuck on an option? Need some advice? Just click the live-chat tab in the bottom right of the screen and paste your build link in there and we can take a look at what you’re thinking.

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