Second Hand China Post Bike [sold]

Posted on May 27 2014

Once upon a time the postmen in Shanghai rolled free. They had awesome Green China-Post Bikes and no idea just how awesome they were. They didn’t know that the big relaxed frames and horizontal dropouts would mean, sometime later in 2010, these dudes from Factory Five would come and re-engineer them into iconic fixed gear street bikes. If they had known, they wouldn’t have thrown them all away. These days the postmen get e-bikes, or vans, or just throw the mail out of the sorting office window. The awesome original GCPB frames have all but dried up.

chinapostforsale01 chinapostforsale02

Which is why this particular beauty is going to last five minutes here. For sale we have a pre-loved China-Post frame which we built up in 2010 and has barely been ridden. It even has the original fenders still intact. They’re normally the first to go! Â¥2,500 is the price. We’re always getting asked about these frames so if you’re one of those people, get over here asap!

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