San Marco Mantra: First Impression

Posted on September 19 2012

“It looks like a spaceship.” – majority of first responses I spent days staring at this saddle before I built up the courage to try it. Mainly because putting my ass onto something that looked like a spaceship is quite a daunting task.

The other morning Drew, Tyler and I went on a short ride to find some reclaimed wood for the new space next door. And as Drew stated, “we rolled in the rain to the middle of nowhere and saw almost entirely nothing.” But one good thing did come from that morning and it wasn’t that I spent the rest of the day in soggy shoes… I finally got to try out that SPACESHIP saddle.

At 1930RMB, expectations were high, but long story short, my ass thanked me. My future kids will also… probably not… thank me as well. There was no numbness and no uncomfortable wiggling around while standing up to reposition myself. To state it more technically, all was good in my nether hood. And plenty of space in that massive canyon for my junk.

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