Saddle up!

Posted on February 07 2014

Saddle Up for the year of the Horse

Regardless of which calendar you use, as of this week the new year is very definitely in effect. If you didn’t know, 2014 is the year of the Horse. As we sometimes feel like fixed-gear urban cowboys, wrangling traffic on the city streets, we kinda feel like it’s going to be a biker’s year.

We’ll be doing our part to make sure that happens. Talks are underway for a few biking events which might just blow the roof off. At the same time we’ve got a couple more products in the works, a winter party to throw before the big-thaw and plenty of beers to drinks with you awesome people who support their local bike stores when it’s cold outside.

So. This year we’re planning to roam further, gallop faster and whip harder than ever before. What’s your resolution?

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