Rider Profile: Xiao Jing 小静

Posted on February 17 2015

Shanghai is known for it’s diverse culture and extremely fashion forward attitude. As one of the fastest growing cities in the world it can be hard to keep track of it all. That’s why cycling is such a great way to stay grounded and connected to the city. Xiao Jing feels the same way. She’s been mashing these streets for almost 2 years and understands the connection between movement and the urban fabric we call home.

name: Xiao Jing 小静
age: 25
hometown: Shanghai
profession: Sales Manager, Nike China

Q: That’s a serious ride! Can you tell us about your bike?

A: This is my Cinelli Vigorelli. It’s painted in my favorite colors; blue, white and black. It’s actually my third bicycle but definitely the one I ride the most. I’ve upgraded it quite a bit since I first bought it adding Mavic Elipse wheels, a Miche crank and a Fizik saddle. My bike even has a nickname! It’s called ‘little cloud’.

Q: When did you get into riding?

A: I’ve been riding for about a year and a half now. Actually, I’ve known all about fixed gear bikes for almost 6 years. I first learned about them in Japanese fashion magazines. At the time I was still a student so I couldn’t afford to buy a nice bike and there were limited options in town. Now there are so many shops and I was able to save enough money to buy something I really like.

Q: What else are you into besides riding your bike?

A: I spend a lot of my time running and training for long distance adventures, whether it be on my bike or in my sneakers. Otherwise I’m either at home relaxing or at work!

Q: It sure looks like you enjoy running. Do you feel there is a connection between cycling and running?

A: Definitely! I feel that life is very rich and you can learn a lot from both cycling and running. Movement makes life diverse and allows you to meet new people, interact with your surroundings and learn a lot about different cultures. Whether it’s cycling, running, swimming it doesn’t matter. I feel that all sports are interlinked!

Q: Have you got any advice for other girls that are interested in trying out new sports?

A: I think the best piece of advice is to follow your true interests. If you really like something then stick with it! I was very lucky and was able to find a group of like minded friends and they helped me improve as my interests grew.

Q: What do you feel about the cycling scene in Shanghai?

A: It’s extremely diverse with a whole range of riders and activities. I personally enjoy just riding all the local streets here in Shanghai, but there are so many choices. Shanghai is a very charming city with a lot of style and character. I love it!

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