Rider Profile: Summer

Posted on January 20 2015

The world’s fastest growing fixed-gear scene is China. Don’t just believe us – look outside – the streets are full of fixed gear and single speed builds all year round. Even in the winter. Which brings us on to Summer, who has been riding with us quite a while now. Summer embodies another curious statistic about China: the percentage of girl riders is much higher here than anywhere else in the world too.

But that’s just another superlative stat. The most interesting aspect is the rider…

Name: Summer 三梦
Age: 23
Hometown: Shanghai
Profession: Music management at Mao Livehouse

Q: Tell us about your bike:

A: I ride a Panasonic NJS frame with Miche/Archetype wheelset, Miche/F5 Lattice crankset, Thomson seatpost and oval stem/bars. It is my third bike – I crashed my second and knew it was time to upgrade to something special. Pink is my color, it was love at first sight. I’m lucky, my friend laces wheels and we built the rest of the bike together.

Q: How did you get into cycling?
A: At university I had my own urban bike and used it across campus. Then my friends were starting to ride fixies and they were so cool I told myself “i have to try!”. After that I got a cheap bike and it stared there.

Q: What attracts you to the scene in shanghai?

A: Shanghai is a diverse city with lots of things to do. There are local cultures and international influences – and the street style of cycling is like a fusion of styles.

Q: Where do you like to ride?

A: Anywhere, everywhere. I ride every day from downtown to the suburbs.

Q: What other styles do you like?

A: Music. I love RNR and electronic… and some chinese classic oldies like Beyond & ZhangGuoRong

Q: Do you have any advice for other girls about cycling?

A: For me it’s all about riding and just very simple. The most important is — keep your passion, insist on getting active and enjoy it! I’ve made so many new friends from riding, the community is very strong.

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