Rider Profile: Momo

Posted on March 10 2015

We caught up with Momo, who is working with us on the Bike to JUE Photo Scavenger Hunt. Momo has been on the scene for a while now, normally spotted darting all over town on her cyclocross bike. In the few minutes between dropping off flyers and cruising to another meeting we managed a few snaps… and a couple of questions.

name: Momo
age: 29
hometown: Xiamen, Fujian
profession: Music Promoter

Q: Tell us about your bike

A: I ride a Giant cyclocross bike from their LIV range. I ride it pretty much every day. When I’m not on that, I also have a Langtu folding bike. You know, everybody has a folding bike.

Q: How did you get into cycling?

A: I’ve commuted on a bike since high school but that was purely to meet a purpose. Then last summer, I’m rolling down the road and come across a bunch of dudes who were cruising, for fun, and the scenario hit me. It took me less than a second to decide my next action would be to buy a bike and join them.

Q: What attracts you to the scene in Shanghai? Where do you like to ride in the city?

A: Diversity. There are all kinds of bikes and all kinds of people. They are all across town and it all becomes a huge picture of a city. I love to ride it all, evry part and corner anywhere. The great thing about riding Shanghai is how accessible it all is.

Q: Do you have any advice for girls who are thinking about riding?

A: Yeah – just pedal on and be sexy! Cycling is all about the community and sharing the same spirit of what we do and we love.

Q: What is your personal style?

A: Knits jeans and boots – haha. I love reading; authors like Edgar Alan Poe. My work is in music so I’m always listing to something new whether it be indie rock, alternative, even hip hop.

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