Rider Profile: Jerry Tang 唐静心

Posted on April 14 2015

Being a teenager isn’t easy, but teen life can be pretty sweet on two wheels. We sat down with Jerry (a regular here at F5) to talk about his first year riding fixed in the busiest city on the planet.

name: Jerry Tang 唐静心
age: 19
hometown: Shanghai
profession: Student

Q: Nice F5 bike! How did you build it up?

A: I bought this F550 over a year ago. Since then I’ve slowly upgraded almost all of my components. Now I’ve got H Plus Son SL42 rims laced to Gran Compe hubs, Sugino Messenger crankset, Prologo EVO PAS saddle, MKS pedals and Restrap straps.

Q: When did you get into fixed gear riding?

A: It’s been close to a year and a half now. I remember my first big trip was with my friends when we decided to ride to Hangzhou. Back then I thought it was impossible! We actually had to stop half way and take the car.. But now that’s something I can completely manage!

Q: Being from Shanghai, what do you like most about riding here?

A: For me Shanghai is the perfect blend of Western and Asian cultures. I’ve done some travelling through Europe and USA, and still nothing compares to Shanghai. I’ll be one of the first to admit though, I don’t really like riding here. The roads are so aggressive! Everyday a new conflict, sometimes you feel like you’re fighting for your life. If you want to commute peacefully in Shanghai you better take the metro.. but that’s just my opinion.

Q: So then why do you ride the Shanghai streets:

A: Ultimately the metro closes at 10:30pm and I usually don’t leave my school until after that, so I haven’t got a choice! I try to spend most of my time riding out in Hongqiao or Gubei, it’s much less hectic than downtown inside the inner ring road.

Q: Whenever you come into the shop you’ve got your headphones on. What do you usually listen to?

A: Haha! Pretty much everything. Jazz, country, rock – I like it all! I’ve got to have music in my ears while I ride..

Q: What else are you into besides cycling?

A: Photography! I’ve always got a camera with me. On weekends there’s nothing better than riding out into the countryside and playing with new camera gear. I’ve recently gotten into film and it’s opened up a whole new world for me.

Q: Besides F5, where do you get all your cycling accessories from?

A: Most unique things I can only find at F5. But smaller, more common things I buy from various Taobao shops. But I’ve got to say, after 1 year my bike still rides like it’s brand new!

Q: Any last comments?

A: Big shout out to F5! The first track bike shop in Shanghai and the only ones who do their own development of frames and components, and the only ones organizing events. Good job guys!

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