Ride with us tonight – 9pm

Posted on July 03 2012

Oh holy night. This is it. The big warm one. We will charge spinning and roaring into the season. Into the depths of Shanghai. Into the night.

Imagine the breeze. Reach that vitesse-zenith where the warmth and the wind create a smile corridor. Roll down it. Tonight we will embrace Shanghai for all it’s worth. Tonight we will reach back in time to a quarter long departed. When we have mustered all our joules. Once our pores are prepared. Then we will stop and imbibe (and eat ice cream) and reflect on the season. After that last osmotic drop has touched down, then we will return from whence we came, or maybe Archie’s on Huashan Park.

All wheels are welcome, from small-and-round to big-and-round. Just make sure they’re powered by pedals and on those pedals are your feet.

Join us. Roll with us. Find the new Shanghai. Tonight.

We gather at Factory Five (876 Jiangsu Lu, nr Huashan) between 20h30 and 21h00. Bring your bike and a helmet and your lights. We’ll bring the route and all of Shanghai before you. For a couple of hours. Tonight’s ride will be a destnation which will be revealed before the ride. If you take a sweaty detour, join the herd there for a drink.

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