Ride with comfort (and in style)

Posted on January 22 2015

When it comes to comfort there’s no second best. We’ve all experienced those bad days in the saddle, with slippery hands on the bars. We look after ourselves and are not going to mess around with poor tech, smashing the road hard on something not up for the job.

A good saddle and a great pair of gloves make all the difference in a ride. Being two out of three contact points with your bike they can easily help make or break that new record on Strava. That’s why our go to saddles are made by Prologo, and our glove of choice is made by Hirzl.

The Kappa EVO PAS, is one of Prologo’s most popular saddles thanks to its flat shape and relief channel for increased blood flow. It has a stiffer nylon injection base, denser padding and premium covers. We have to admit a soft-spot for those gunmetal carbon rails – the devil is always in the detail.

Hirzl, known for making awesome golfing gloves, now offer the GRIPPP Tour for riders. They’re phenomenal. Think relief to the right pressure points, breathability where it’s needed and amazing, amazing grip. This is thanks to the Kangaroo leather on the palms which ensure’s superior adhesion in both wet and dry conditions. In fact they’re even better when it rains. You’ll never go back, and for just $64 why would you get anything else.

Competitive Cyclist made this really informative video to help explain some of the key points behind Prologo saddle designs. Worth a look!

All said and done just remember to look after yourself. Comfort doesn’t have to come at a premium and it can be a game changer for many riders.

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