Ride this Sunday: 10h00

Posted on January 27 2015

We’re hitting the road again this Sunday morning for a blast through Shanghai – want to join?

The forecast is for rain all week and sunshine on the weekend so we’re going to monopolize on the freshness. The ride starts at 10h00 and the route will keep us on our toes for around 2-3 hours with a break at half way. We’ll be back at F5 by lunchtime. Layer up. It’s forecasted to be 10c or less – which is plenty chilly for the first few minutes then warm enough to break a sweat when we pile on the sprints.

The pace will be fast. We will be cruising around 30km/h when we get out of town which gives it a definite intermediate rating. It’s unsupported, wear a helmet. We’ll be wearing riding clothes but probably not lycra – though anything goes!

Down for a ride? Great! Sign up by RSVP here or shoot us a shoutout@wearefactoryfive.com

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