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Posted on April 24 2016

The Red Hook Crit has become one of the most exciting events on the track bike circuit for many reasons. It’s super fun to watch, has an incredible atmosphere, and is really really fast. This year’s first installment is Brooklyn No.9 on April 30th. Things kick off at 12:00pm and will run until at least 10:00pm with the Women’s Final Crit at 8:30pm and the Men’s Final Crit at 9:30pm.

In the past many riders have chosen to ride our lattice chainring, most commonly in the 49T version. This year we were quite overwhelmed with potential sponsorship e-mails, and tried to diversify as much as possible between young riders and experienced riders. We’re always on the lookout for new teams and riders to sponsor with frames and components, so if you’re feeling inclined just drop us an e-mail ( – Don’t worry, we’re super nice.

For the 2016 season we have 16 confirmed riders who have been sponsored with our Factory Five components and/or frames that will compete in the Red Hook Crit series. The full men’s and women’s start lists can be found online HERE. Below is a list of all our sponsored riders, their race number and group number. If you see them on the day (or catch them whipping around the track via the live online feed) be sure to wish them luck. We’ll be cheering for all of you from our workshop in Shanghai, ride fast, ride hard!

The Pack – from Montreal, Canada

Group 3

139 – Anthony Desrosiers

140 – Antoine Fabry

Group 4

181 – Bruno Labelle

182 – Olivier Lavigueur

Group 5

226 – Owen Eastmond

227 – Richard Bergeron




Inferist – from Shanghai, China

Group 6

263 – Wenguang Tang (known as Taco, our workshop manager)

264 – Zheng Li (known locally as Jero)



Santa Catalina – from Gijon, Spain

Group 2

103 – Armando Vazquez


Cykeln Divisione Corse – from Firenze, Italy

Group 1

36 – Gianluca Scafuro

70 – Gerardo Albano

Group 3

117 – Cristopher Martinez

118 – Giovanni Pntiggia

Group 4

160 – Claudio Di Santo



State Bicycle Co. – from Devon, UK

Group 6

271 – Dave Noakes


Bahumer Racing Team – from Venice, Italy

Group 1

51 – Marco Cecchinato


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