Rapha Women’s 100 – done!

Posted on July 21 2014

Shanghai Rapha Womens 100

July 20th was the hottest day of the year so far and it will take eggs frying on the ground to top what was a pure scorcher. A gaggle of vixens from our Factory Five family set forth and completed the Rapha Women’s 100km challenge with an additional 20k in change.

120km fixed-gear through the outskirts of Shanghai in the blazing heat was no mean feat. We’re pretty sure they’re up there on the list of 7,500 other women around the world who took part… and by the looks of things a few dudes on the other Shanghai ride also! Um, what?

A massive shoutout to Kasia Bozek, Rachel Deng, Brigida Galbete, Laura Imkamp, Alex Mok & Amanda Pateman. They all got a lot stronger, a little sunburn, a Factory Five water bottle and a commemorative patch in the post from Rapha. Keep an eye out for future rides!

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