PAUL Royal Flush Crankset

Posted on October 20 2014

Paul Component Engineering makes some of the most precise and beautiful components in the world. They’ve been doing it for 20 years and they’ll be doing it for many to come. One of their most reputable products is the unique Royal Flush Crankset – which features exactly what it sounds like; a heart, spade, club and diamond. Like all products we sell and distribute we test everything ourselves first.

We first started riding PAUL components back in 2009, before we had Factory Five. Fast forwards to 2014 and we’re the PAUL distributor in China. 5 years later and our PAUL components are still riding just as good as the day we pulled them out of the box. Notably the Royal Flush Crankset, which has seen over 30,000Km and all kinds of terrain. It’s been ridden on the road, through the mud, splashed in the rain and even guzzled some snow. After all that the teeth are not sharked, the crank arms are still stiff and straight and the anodize finish is as good as new.

We’re fully stocked on all PAUL cranksets, so if this sounds like the crank for you then be sure to get in touch. These things will endure the harshest conditions and last for years and years – It’s this attention to craft and performance that has made Paul’s work truly iconic.

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