Paul Components now in stock

Posted on January 14 2014

Paul Component Engineering makes some of the most precise and beautiful components in the world. They’ve been doing it for 20 years and they’ll be doing it for many to come. We’ve been talking with them for a while now and are super-chuffed to finally have their products in-store.

Based in Chico CA they’re making the dream – pared back, entirely functional pieces which operate exactly as they should every time. It’s this attention to craft and performance that has made Paul’s work truly iconic.

Paul’s road cranks are the ones to beat. They’re built from the ground up with a proprietary mounting arrangement which looks clean and awesome and has plenty of space for the trademark royal flush deck of cards symbols. They feel solid too, and are basically indestructible.

Â¥1,900 – click to buy

For the full range of components – click here

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