Our fixed gear brands: Paul Component Engineering.

Posted on April 04 2014

Since the mid 90s Paul Component Engineering have been making some of the world’s finest bike components. Starting with just one product, wheel skewers, their portfolio now spans hubs, cranks, levers, brakes and accessory mounts. Everything is designed and manufactured in their USA workshop in Chico California. We went to visit them last year and took a tour of their simple and beautiful plant arrangement of CNC machines and lathes… producing run after run of perfect components.

Paul Track Hubs

Paul Brake E-Lever

Paul Comp Poker Cranks

Their operation tells a story spanning 20 years of repeating and refining the manufacturing process. This is why we are proud to stock Paul Component products at Factory Five. As fixed gear rides we analyze every detail of our bikes. We strive for a balance of function, performance and style and Paul is right there at the zenith.They make components for fixed gear, track, single speed, road, mountain and cyclocross.

Paul Component Royal Flush Crankset

Paul Track Hub

Paul’s Royal Flush cranks are amongst the most popular track and fixie cranksets in the world. They feature a proprietary mounting system which gives the strong chainring a larger surface are and enough space for the ace, heart, diamond and space motifs. The crankset also comes in a four circles design if you want to make a less bold statement. Their track hubs are similarly well designed and are very light. We have been rolling them for years with barely a need for servicing. We prefer the high-flange version though these hubs also come in low flange. 32h, single side fixed or freewheel they’re exactly how we like them. Factory Five is the only Paul Component supplier in China. We strive to offer the best price on everything we sell so browse the store for Paul and buy now with confidence.

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