Night Rides with Factory Five – every tuesday at 21h00

Posted on May 23 2012

We know Shanghai’s streets and we know how awesome they are to ride at night time. The traffic is less aggro. The people are less aggro. The weather is less aggro. It’s awesome to roll out with a string of blinking rear lights up ahead and nowhere in particular to be.

Every Tuesday we get together and ride. Just for the fun of it. We generally know where we’re going and cruise until we get there. Each time the route is different. The destination is new. Or a favorite. We know the tunnels, the bridges, the runways and where the cars aren’t. They’ll be thrown in the mix. Who knows what we’ll see but we’ll know when we do. Sometimes the group is big and we take up the street. Sometimes we slice the night like unseen ninjas.

Join us. Roll with us. Find the new Shanghai. Every Tuesday.

We gather at Factory Five (876 Jiangsu Lu, nr Huashan) between 20h00 and 21h00. Bring your bike and a helmet. We’ll bring the route and all of Shanghai before you. For an hour or two.

We’ll ride unless it’s pouring. Keep your eye on our facebook page, twitter feed or weibo thing for the latest update.

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