Night Rides : Live updates

Posted on August 07 2013

If you’ve fallen off the back of our Tuesday Night Ride before then we feel your pain. We try to keep the group together and pause periodically at big turns but when it comes to rolling the throng of Shanghai it’s inevitable that some riders may stray from the herd. So, we’ve created a wechat account for the night ride. It’s the world’s fastest growing messaging App and works with IOS, Android, Windows, Nokia and Blackberry. As the world’s largest regular group ride (we’re pretty sure) then it feels a good fit. If you’re in China you’ve probably got it installed already. To sign up for live updates; launch the app, browse to the main Chat tab and press the wand in the top right corner. Select ‘Scan QR Code’ from the list and then point your phone’s camera at the graphic above. It will automatically connect you with the F5 Night Ride account – once we’ve accepted the request (which we’ll do asap). During the ride and shortly before we make the drinks stop we’ll send a message to the group with the street-location. If you’ve lost the group just head there to re-join. We’ll do the same again when we hit the final stop so if you’re lost again, or not riding and want to grab a drink together then head over. It is possible to mute or unfollow the account if you don’t want updates temporarily or permanently. Come and go as you please – we don’t want to jam up your phone! So, see you for the ride and if we don’t see you during – then see you at the stop.

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