New Frames and choosing finishes

Posted on May 30 2012

We just received a shipment of frames nicely in time to pop them on our new lightbox and snap a photo before they’re built up. All our frames are custom orders, although we do try to keep our hands on a couple of the usual sizes and finishes.

Four of the frames in that photo are Aluminium F550s with variations in the finish. Whilst we think the raw brushed metal with a clearcoat suits our style – our matte white and matte black frames with glossy colour-matched decals are very popular.

The whole swatch book is available also. When it comes to picking finishes, the choices are many but the decision need not be difficult. The best advice is don’t overthink it. Go with your gut and find a colour that resonates with your style. When the bike is built up, that difference between pantone 552 and 538 is unlikely to be relevant anymore.

That nearest F550 in the photo finished with glow in the dark paint. We’ll be taking a bunch of photos of this build when it’s finished so watch this space.

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