Moganshan Trip

Posted on March 29 2016

We’re organizing a cycling trip to Moganshan for the upcoming Qing Ming Jie holiday. We’ve secured two vans that will depart from Factory Five on Saturday, April 2nd at 8am and will return back to Shanghai on Monday, April 4th @ 5pm. The ride is around 3-4hrs depending on traffic.

We will be staying in the village of Xiwuli in Moganshan. There are plenty of food options and bicycle rentals if you do not have a geared bike. Though the rental options are limited to mountain bikes. There will likely be two groups rides. One off road and one on road. Feel free to bring whatever bike you want though gears are a definitely upside as the region is hilly. There will be a support vehicle for the on-road ride, so don’t worry about being tired, we will scoop you up!

Transportation costs will vary between 400-500rmb. We’re sorry we cannot say an exact price because we are trying to give everyone the best deal possible and it will fluctuate based on the number of people attending.

We will be booking lodging and you will pay directly to the lodge, but the room prices range from 300-500RMB (price per room). The rooms can accommodate two people. Please let us know if you would like a room together with someone or if you want a room alone. If you are alone and wouldn’t mind a roommate, please let us know as well, we can match people up. Also let us know if you are comfortable with a roommate of the opposite sex.

We only have room for 22 people, so please send a deposit ASAP to secure your spot. Get in touch via e-mail ( and we’ll send you the details.

The deposit amount is 400RMB and is non-refundable (kinda… we’re nice guys, so if you have a very compelling story, we’ll try to accommodate). Please send payment (and an email) by Wednesday (3/30) midnight!


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