Mobike Crit

Posted on October 19 2016

Mobike Crit

If you’re living in Shanghai then by now there’s a good chance you’ve seen the latest street rage: the Mobike. That beastly aluminum framed bike, with killer neon orange aerojokes that you can rent at the scan of a QR code. Mobikes are covering sidewalks by the thousands, and now’s your chance to race them.

RideNow Halloween Crit 20161018.001

Organized by RideNow, the Halloween Mobike Crit is exactly what it sounds like – racing on Mobikes! Limited to 150 racers, the rules are pretty simple:

  1. Register by scanning the QR code below and pay the 100RMB entry fee
  2. Wear a Halloween costume
  3. Unlock your Mobike at the event location (yes, you can ride over on your own bike!)
  4. Join one of the races that starts at 16h00

Registration starts at 15h00 at The Hub on Shaohong Road. We’re pumped to be sponsoring alongside some great companies which are all donating serious prizes. So dress up, ride on over and smash it in your costume while having a blast! More details below:

RideNow Halloween Crit 20161018.009

RideNow Halloween Crit 20161018.002

RideNow Halloween Crit 20161018.004

RideNow Halloween Crit 20161018.007

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