Looking For A Discount? 40% OFF SALE ITEMS

Posted on September 08 2015

It’s not uncommon to ask for a discount in China, in fact it happens on a regular basis here at F5HQ in Shanghai. We love being able to give back to the community and we try to run as many promotions as possible.

Just last week we were digging through our storage cupboards and came across some leftover stock that we thought was once long gone, and we’re putting it all on sale at 40% off so that the Shanghai community can benefit once again. You read that correctly, there’s some incredible deals going down right now. This includes, but is not limited to, components from Nitto, PAUL, Fyxation, Gran Compe, Thomson, H Plus Son and a few more. This is an ‘in store’ sale only and is until supplies last. There is now a dedicated display for all sale items, so the next time you’re on the hunt for a discount check out that part of the shop and get yourself a killer deal.




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