Let there be cake

Posted on December 10 2014

Phew what a week. The dust has barely settled on the new Grand Opening. Literally… the floor of the new F5 is made from moon. We honestly spent more time sweeping than any other activity in the lead up to getting everything ready.

Things have been so frenetic getting back to speed with setting up and orders all the good things of running a bike company that we’ve had little chance to document the first hours and days of the next chapter of the Factory Five story.

So let’s fix that now. Like proper fully grown adults we stared with desert.. and ate a lot of cake. We’ve many awesome friends here at F5 and a couple of them are very talented bakers. Courtesy of Luca’s Mum and Kang at Taste and See, our opening hours ran alongside a marvelous spread of heaven-slices.

This is a shoutout to them, and to all the people who helped us make light work of 10 cakes like a plague of fixed-gear locusts. We couldn’t have done it without you! Okay maybe we could.

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