Lattice Chainrings around the world

Posted on January 28 2014

It has been just 6 weeks since we launched the F5 Lattice Chainring and the response has been phenomenal. We’ve had orders from all over the world, stock it in a number of shops and managed to run out of inventory a couple of times. We knew 49T would be the most popular but we weren’t sure quite how much… almost double that of the 48T version! The chainring has popped up on some amazing builds paired with the world’s greatest crankarms. When we saw it on Felix’s NJS adorned San Rensho we fell of our chairs. It looks so good alongside all that prestige. We designed it as a performance chainring too and those few grams less than a Dura Ace chainring really put a smile on our faces. Seeing it at the Toronto velodrome track on Leon’s Colnago Master Pista pushes us onto the next component in the family. More later. Here are a few of the builds out there that we’ve spotted that have the Lattice attached. Have one? Give us a and send over your photos.

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