Last Weeks’ Ride

Posted on May 03 2014

Factory Five Night Ride 28 April 2014 Route

Last week was the biggest night ride ever. It was super awesome. We worked our way up through Jing’an and over to the pedestrian/bike bridge to the train station.

Then east, across Huangpu to the track alongside the canal. We hit a bottleneck next to Luxun Park at one point which gave us chance to count the 350 riders filtering through. That’s quite a record.

Then we turned north and along one of our favorite roads in Shanghai – the Siping Highway. It’s flat, straight and has plenty of room for cyclists. Looping Wujiaochang for a few minutes to let the back markers catch up, we descended on the Daxue Lu Family Mart like a plague of thirsty locusts.

Back past the Fudan University dorms and south under the Inner Ring elevated highway we let the performance riders stretch their legs and sprinted for home. It was a 42km ride in total and by the time we reached Factory Five everybody was ready for home.

Thanks for following our Rules of the Road! Safety first, safety second.

Here’s the route on Strava if you want to know where we went.

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