Last Night’s Ride

Posted on June 04 2014

Factory Five Night Ride June 3rd We are so good. Sure it was raining at 5pm but we were hot on the radar and knew it would dry up for the night ride. A couple hundred people knew the same and we rolled out of the workshop to see an amazingly huge group ready to ride. So ride we did, east along Fuxing Rd and then north up behind the bund towards Hongkou. Looping around we rolled one of our favorite paths, along the creek to the river. We slipped the rainbow bridge and snuck up to the north Bund and stopped to sip on juice. Then we smacked it north, right up to Hongkou stadium and then south, through the old town, past YuYuan gardens and down past the fabric market.

June 04_001

Finally, as if that wasn’t enough, we busted onto the South Bund promenade and sprinted for it all the way to the climbing wall. Those beers at the end tasted pretty damn fine. 33km in all. Check the strava route here.

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