It’s that time. Night ride time.

Posted on June 18 2013

Yes tonight we’re going to roll Shanghai – c1555 style. We’re going to get Elizabethan and show this city our rolling gentrification. Polite like Tudors we’ll give a nod to the private carriages, to the trolleybus, to the rolling gasoline-powered wagons from the future. Exemplary. We’re going to cruise the streets, slip to the fast lanes and head south past the carnival towards the big-o. Then we’ll sip on replenishing electrolytes (or whatever) before rolling some more and then homeward or bar-ward or familymart-ward. Whatever your ward guild, welcome to roll with us… as long as you’re on a bike which is powered by your legs both of which are fully controlled by your common sense. Bring this, your lights, your helmet and street smarts to Factory Five, 876 Jiangsu (near huashan) for a 21h00 start. Our friends from DiBella will be pre-ride-side again tonight offering humidity-friendly cups of iced premium coffee. Head over here to the workshop from 20h00 onwards and relax pre-ride with a cup of goodness starting at Â¥15. it will be dry when we ride. It will not be dry when we don’t ride. Riddle us this. Keep an eye on our facebook page for any updates.

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